Music: Secular vs Sacred

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  • Song Name: Music - Secular vs Sacred
  • Artist: Kay O & Lil' Flare
  • Album: TKC Podcast
  • Year: 2009

Hey it's your boys Kay O & Flare once again! Today we're discussing a very controversial topic: MUSIC!! All this talk about secular and "gospel" music gets addressed today! All names mentioned in this episode are all in love lol.
We have the same guests as our previous episode, albeit one extra special guest. We hope y'all are blessed by this!
*Special thanks to our guests and brother L.Kay for mixing with his anointed hands (quote: "there's power in the hands" lol).
Note: We should realize that we are making ourselves vulnerable to elements that could alter our lives due to our ignorance. There are more ways to change a person's life other than physical contact, music being one of them (1 Samuel 16:23).
P.S: Don't take Matthew 7:1 out of context ("judge not, that ye be not judged"). We should understand that if we are the church then we should be able to discern between right and wrong. We should be able to correct our brothers and sisters in love and in truth, and not hide under the umbrella of not judging people when they lose their way.
God Bless You All